The Man in the Moone is a novel by Francis Godwin probably written in the 1620s and published for the first time under the pseudonym of Domingo Gonsales after his death in 1638. The Man in the Moone can be considered as one of the major works of the late English Renaissance. Its influence over future utopian, picaresque and science-fiction writers is major. In this fascinating book, a Spaniard flees following a duel, is stranded in Saint-Helens on his return home from the East Indies, and then escapes the British fleet off Tenerife through a gansa-propelled flying-machine which he had designed himself. He rises to the sky, and twelve days later, he lands on the Moone. He discovers the lunar society and then leaves, and arrives in China. Part picaresque, part utopia, part science-fiction, discover this remarkable book with an original preface and biography in this new edition by Les Éditions de Londres.